My teeth seem to have too much mobility, how can I stop this from occurring?

My teeth seem to be very loose ive been noticing it a lot recently because i have a tingling sensation in my gum so when i go the bathroom mirror to check, have a clean and a poke around i notice that they seem to be loose, its not just the one either it a good few of them basically until you hit the big well rooted ones at the sides and towards the back of the mouth that it stops occurring. im not sure if this is exactly normal but like anything if you sort it before it starts your more likely to deal with it properly so i thought it was worth a shout. I brush regularly but have not been overly keen on flossing and was wondering is this poor hygiene practice or should i not worry could i have contracted gum disease and if so how do i stop it now would it be a simple case of adding flossing more frequently to my routine, if so how many times should i do it a week if i did it twice a day for a week id have no teeth left surely?
You should visit your dentist who can check if you have gum disease and if so whether it is moderate or advanced. If you have gum disease and bone loss around some of your teeth and they are loose for that reason, after a thorough deep cleaning and regular maintenance cleanings, it is possible that the mobility is reduced. Sometimes they can be splinted if the mobility remains despite treatment and it is uncomfortable. Also, your dentist can check your bite to make sure that you are not biting especially hard on your front teeth, because sometimes that can be the cause of the mobility. In any case it is important that you clean in between your teeth, either with floss or interdental brushes, on a regular basis ideally once a day in order to prevent gum disease that essentially is caused by plaque that has not been removed.
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