My gums are tender and bleed from time to time, do I have gum disease?

hello there I have a question for you please, when considering the symptoms that you see everywhere on the web with respect also to this website, of gum disease. is there any other symptoms to look for? my gums are really tender and bleed if they are caught awkwardly with a brush or sharp bit of an apple even for example. I wanted to know if this could mean that I have gum disease I know that bleeding gums is one of the common signs of gum disease and I did ask if there was anything else I should look out for but this is because I do not have any of the other symptoms so I wanted to just look out for any other signs if there were any indeed. if there isn’t does this simply mean that I am at not at an advanced stage of gum disease? thank you for any response.
Bleeding from your gums is not normal and is a sign of a problem. You could have the non-destructive form of gum disease called Gingivitis but you may also have the destructive form of the disease, Periodontitis. Just because you don’t have other signs like gum shrinkage etc may mean that it is at a mild stage, your dentist would need to take x-rays to assess what is going on. I strongly advise you to seek professional advice.
Dr Ian Dunn

Dr Ian Dunn

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