I Visited My Dentist And They Didn’t Say Anything About My Wobbly Tooth. What Should I Do?

Dear Dr Dimitrios Mitsas, I go to the dentist regularly for my check-ups but they have never said anything about gum disease or anything about my receding gums. I didn’t notice my gums had receded till recently my front right tooth is wobbly and as the days go by it is becoming more loose also is very receded, I went to the dentist 2 weeks ago and they never said anything about my gums I have booked my self in to see the dentist again because I am worried about my teeth falling out as I’m only 18 could you help me. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Have you discussed this problem with your dentist and highlighted the problem? Perhaps you should look to a second opinion or a specialist. I would need to see you in person to determine what was wrong. Have you had any CT scans taken? How is your oral health routine. You can research further information on gum disease through this website for help. I hope this helps. Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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