I think I could have Trench Mouth, is this disease serious?

Hiya Dr Jose Zurdo, a few quick questions – I’ve recently developed very painful ulcers in my mouth and quite bad breath, I’m finding it very painful to brush my teeth and even eating. A friend told me it could be something known as Trench mouth or ANUG ? is this a real disease, i’ve never heard of it. My dentist can’t fit me in for a week or so, is there anything i can do to ease the pain? and if it is this disease is it very serious? Thank you. 
Hi, yes there is one such condition and believe me; it’s not rare at all these days…. It happens mostly to young people under a great period of stress, excessive smoking, alcohol/drugs consumption and bad diets can help it. The typical situation of students under exams’ time…
This is normally due to an overgrowth of some oral bacteria (spyrochets) combined with a sudden drop of the immune competence. It’s painful and comes with a rather fetid breath. The treatment is quite simple, you’ll need to have a professional clean of your mouth to reduce the bacterial burden and you’ll be given a mouthwash. Some of my colleague can prescribe antibiotics but in most cases, I believe it’s not necessary. Try to clean your teeth the best you can (I know it hurts…), use a mouthwash like Peroxyl from Colgate. Also try to reduce/refrain smoking (if you’re a smoker) and improve diet (supplemet Vit C and probiotic foods). Above all you’ll need to see your dentist or hygienist asap.
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