I am suffering from gum disease and can’t be treated fast enough, please help!

hi dr how can I help the pain I am up all night in pain with my gum desease it’s awful the dentist won’t give me nothing for it and everything I am buying ain’t working please help me I can’t stick it Its really getting me down everyday I am in pain there must be something to help me the dentist are so slow with treating me Just at a loose end now I have three kids and only 26 I haven’t got time to be in pain and lose sleep
Hello there… I believe that you are quite desperate with this thing….
This amount of pain is unlikely to be due to just chronic gum disease, you may be suffering from other dental problems and/or a combination of pulp and gum abscesses. Your dentist needs to see you and treat for any acute problems to start and once you are under some control, provide with an appropriate treatment plan for your teeth and gums. So sorry I can’t be of further…
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