I am looking for a Bone One Session Treatment practitioner. Can you advise?

I would like to locate a practitioner for the BOST treatment. I have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and have lost six teeth so far and the disease seems quite aggressive. I have been seeing a periodontist in Bristol, however have now moved to Kent. I have had two hygiene appts so far with root surface debridement planned for the third appt in Januar., Having read your article on Bone One Session Treatment (BOST) it would seem to be the answer. Can you please advise?
I must clarify that the article about BOST available in the general information of this website is not mine. In fact my personal view is that there is not available evidence to support the clinical benefits of that protocol. If you are interested there is a clinic in London (The Hale Clinic) that offers this treatment modality. Nevertheless if you are a highly susceptible individual to gum disease and you have an aggressive form of periodontistis you need a good periodontist, ideally local, to diagnose, monitor and prescribe you the optimal treatment and maintenance regime for your specific condition.
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