How many visits to a periodontist would it take to clear gum disease?

I was first diagnosed with gum disease around four years ago. This has become advanced and has gradually got worse and I have had pus coming from the gum on several occasions and been given antibiotics. They are very painful constantly so I decided to visit another dentist who told me they would do no treatment while I had the gum disease and that it has caused bone loss and to visit a periodontist. I had initially visited to enquireabout having the teeth taken out and see whether I could have implants fitted instead. Could you please tell me how many visits to a periodontist it usually takes to clear the gum disease and could I have implants fitted to the affected area in future as these teeth originally had a bridge which has had the middle part removed to try and clear the gum disease. Thank you
Hi, thanks for your question! It seems to me that you really need to see a Specialist Periodontist to draw a detailed treatment plan for your dentition. In this way we can check which teeth can be saved/maintained and which teeth will need to be removed for advanced destruction. From here a restorative plan can then be designed to accommodate esthetics and function. We strongly recommend that the periodontal infection is under strict control before any implant treatment. Patients that are very susceptible to gum disease, may bear a greater risk of implant problems, namely peri-implantitis, which is more or less the equivalent of gum disease, but the soft tissue around the implants.
In the average case and depending of the number of teeth affected and the degree of the disease, the periodontal treatment can be done and reviewed in about 2-3 months; the actual treatment of the gums should be quite quick (normally 2 sessions within 48 hours/1 week), but you’ll need a healing period of about 8-10 weeks to evaluate the response. But it all depends on your individual case. So you see… my best advise to you is that you get a diagnose and proper perio-restorative treatment plan.
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