I’ve lost 30-40% of my supporting bone, do I really need my teeth removing?

sir,i went for a second opinion today because my current dentist i felt was not helping me with on going dental problems…today i was told that the remaining teeth of my own will have to be removed because my jaw bone is being eaten away and i have lost 30 / 40% of the bone holding my teeth hence why they wobble..shocked as i am,is this relly necessary?more if i dont he said it will only get worse if i do not address it now…please help…
Hi, thanks for your question. If you have only lost 30-40% of the fine support around your teeth then I would expect that your teeth and gums can be treated and many teeth could be saved. Obviously I do not have the benefit of seeing you or your X-rays but I would seek a third opinion or even request a referral to a gum specialist. He’s definitely correct on the final not, If it is left untreated it certainly will case more bone loss.
Dr Ian Dunn

Dr Ian Dunn

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