What can i do to stop my gums bleeding when i brush?

what can i do to stop my gums from bleeding when im brushing more regular brushing maybe ? is this normal or does it mean i have a problem help !!!! also are their any products on the market which can stop gum disease full stop because i hate that copper taste i just want it gone. How normal is it to have this type of gum disease and does it mean that it is sever. Will all my teeth fall out and will I be gummy help me please
Bleeding on brushing indicates inflammation, so your gums may not be healthy. However this does not necessarily mean that you have severe gum disease. It is very common to experience a rather superficial inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) without affecting the supporting bone that is what gum disease is about. A thorough dental examination can determine whether your problem is mild or not and whether the treatment is simple or not. Unfortunately there are not magic products to eradicate gum disease but it is treatable controlling the visible and hidden plaque with effective oral hygiene and professional management.
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