My Gums Have Turned White And Gone Hard At The Bottom Ever Since I Started On The Contraceptive Pill. Could This Be Related?

Hi Dr Mitsas. I know you may not know a lot about this but you’ll probably get this a lot so maybe you will! I have recently gone onto the contraceptive pill and since my gums have turned hard at the bottom and turned almost white in colour. They have been bleeding a small amount too. I don’t think this is a coincidence, it happened very shortly after I got my prescription. Can you please advise tell me if this is something you’ve come across before? Thank you for your time!
Hello and thank you for writing in. The contraceptive pill can in lead to a greater risk of gum disease. I would advise you to go and visit your dentist or hygienist and tell him what you think has caused it. In the meantime try to keep to a strict oral health routine, brushing and flossing with regularity. Your dentist with likely tell you which mouthwash to use. I help this helps clarify the matter for you. Best of luck. Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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