My Gums Have Begun To Bleed After Using A Teeth Whitening Kit. I Smoke Also. Should I Be Worried?

Hello Dr Mitsas, I recently ordered a tooth whitening kit for use at home and it did say under side effects that my gums could become sensitive, which I anticipated. However, my gums are actually bleeding. But I do smoke, so do you think that this could be the reason as to why they’re bleeding? I just think it’s a bit of a coincidence that as soon as I begin whitening my teeth they start to bleed and I’ve never heard of this happening to anybody else before, what do you think? I hope you can get back to me, thanks.
Hello and thanks for getting in touch. It could have had an effect on your gums, did you get the whitening treatment through your dentist? Smoking is a common cause of gum problems and if the bleeding continues for after a week I’d suggest you take a visit to your dentist or hygienist for a check-up to see what may be the problem. You may want to try a softer brush also. I hope this problem clears up for you. Kind regards, Dr Mitsas.
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