My Gum Disease Has Returned. Should I Go With BOST Treatment Or Stick With My Periodontist’s Advice?

Dear Dr Mitsas. I have just been diagnosed with a second flare up of moderate gum disease after successfully clearing up my first infection 8 years ago.
I have visited my hygienist regularly every three months since my first infection and was always told that my cleaning was excellent and I was all clear. Suddenly after a 12 month period of very high stress I was told by my dentist during a check up 2 months ago that the disease had returned.
I have been advised by my periodontist to have non-surgical cleaning asap.
Would you advise the BOST gum treatment over my periodontists conventional non surgical cleaning method? Thank you and kind regards.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. I would advise you to stick with your periodontists advice. The long term benefits of BOST are not yet clear and as the initial treatment worked, this could work for you again. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Mitsas.
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