My Dentist Was Inconsiderate Over My Gum Disease And I Don’t Think They Did Enough. What Do You Suggest I Do?

I have been informed I have gum disease I’m feeling really down about it to be honest. I felt like the dentist was quite inconsiderate about it, and recommended a scale and a polish and to purchase an electric tooth brush and floss. Surely if I have a disease then I need further treatment? I went to the dentist as I was in the process of eating and there was a stone in my food which I had purchased from a supermarket, my tooth bit into the stone and has made the tooth quite loose at the back. I thought by going to the dentist she would be able to fix it or give me good advice, but instead asked me if I wanted it removed? Maybe my expectations were high but I thought she would try to fix my tooth not the choice of removal or just leave it loose? Thanks so much in advance. 
If you have gum disease, you need to be assessed in order to determine the severity of the disease. This is called periodontal assessment that would lead to the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan. If many teeth have been affected by the disease and the periodontal pockets are deep, you would possibly need more than a scale and polish.
As for the loose tooth, possible cause of looseness could be fracture of the tooth or trauma in the tissue surrounding the loose tooth. A detailed examination again is the key to the proper diagnosis. If you are unhappy with how your dentist treated you, perhaps you should seek a new dentist who specialises in the area you are concerned about. Best wishes, Dr Mitsas.
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