My Dentist Doesn’t Know Where The Bad Taste In My Mouth Is Coming From. Can You Help Me?

I’m 19 years old, take good care of my teeth, brush/floss daily use mouthwash, etc. I had a cavity on my back molar for about 4 years that I knew about and about 2 months ago, I started having this pungent taste in my mouth, but no bad breath? I swore I had gum disease. My gums don’t bleed & I know I have super deep pockets because floss goes in them. I have minor recession on my bottom front teeth because of my overbite constantly rubbing. So I finally got to the dentist, he filled the cavity and actually told me my home care was in the top one percent! For the taste, he recommended a tongue scrubber. I used the scrubber for 2 weeks and still no change. I called them and they told me to use biotene mouthwash. The taste became even worse! So my dad said maybe try baking soda? I tried, & it lit my mouth on fire. Now I have pain in my lower front teeth. I just went back to the dentist; he was so confused when I told him about the pain; so he checked. He told me he sees absolutely nothing wrong!!! The only thing he told me was I could see a gum doctor. He told me I didn’t have to go because he sees nothing wrong. Sorry this is so long. But I swear I have gum disease! Like advanced!! My gums are receding on the top now & the earliest the periodontist could get me in was in 2 weeks! Please help!
Hello. Sometimes patients of mine brush too hard when they worry they have gum disease and this in turn can cause the gums to recess. It’s difficult to assess what the taste could be without seeing you in person. See what your periodontist says. If you dentist doesn’t think you have gum disease it’s unlikely that you have advanced periodontal disease. I hope this helps, Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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