My daughter doesn’t eat a balanced diet and i notice her gums bleed when she brushes, what do you recommend?

Hello Jose, hope your doing well. I’m just a bit concerned about my daughters gums, she really doesn’t eat a balanced diet with fruit and veg and i know this can be bad for teeth and gums. We try so hard to make her eat the healthy stuff but she wont have it. Just wondering if there are any tablets or vitamins that would help her a little bit with what she’s lacking? I notice when she brushes her teeth a touch of blood sometimes comes out, this can’t be a good sign! Look forward to hearing from you!
Hello there!
Let’s see… a balanced diet is obviously important to all our bodily functions, including for the gums to be fully competent in the control of inflammation instigated by bacterial dental plaque.
Any good supplement of Vit C and antioxidants (super-foods as Kiwi and berries) to boost her immune system is really advised.
However… It is the quality/efficacy and frequency of her oral hygiene that will be determinant. I would recommend Mum to convince your daughter to see the local GDP’s hygienist and have a good check of her gum condition and quality of plaque control. From there the hygienist can plan her future maintenance needs.
I hope this is helpful.
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