I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and my gums have started to recede, can you tell me what’s wrong?

Hi Jose – I have just lost a lot of weight in the last six month and I have noticed sore gums receding gums not bleeding. But they are very sore can you tell me what is wrong? Fluoride toothpaste makes me sick when I use it I can only use Euthomol I’m really worried because my teeth are my most important feature! thanks any information would be great!  
Hello, the symptoms you describe may indicate that you are loosing gum attachment (hence receding gum) by simply being too “aggressive” with your tooth brushing. Gums can recede due to an underlying gum inflammatory condition, but also due to traumatic tooth brushing in a thin gum anatomy (we call it “thin biotype”). This is the when you have long teeth and very scalloped gum outline.
It would be preferable for you to use fluoridated toothpaste to enhance the remineralization of dental tissues and protect teeth from caries, but the important thing for your gums is that you have an efficient (adequate and not traumatic) plaque removal technique. Have you tried a fluoride mouthwash? Does it make you sick too?
In either case I would recommend you to see your dentist to have a proper examination and feedback.
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