I’ve fought off gum disease once before only to see it return, Could you inform me about the BOST procedure and will it prevent gum disease from coming back?

I have been reading about gum disease treatments on the web and have found that many people have fought off gum disease only to see it return. I then found out about BOST or BOSA something like this, that is meant to help you steer clear of meeting again. I had never heard of this before. I have myself gotten rid of gum disease once already and would do anything to prevent it coming back, could you inform me what this procedure is if youve heard of it? thanks
Gum disease can be treated but the individual susceptibility to developing it remains and can not be changed, in other words gum disease can come back if you do not follow preventive measures. The most effective preventive action is to have consistently good oral hygiene and to see regularly a dentist and/or hygienist to monitor the state of your gums and any potential need for professional care. The BOST regime is a treatment protocol not a preventive measure. In addition to that there is not scientific evidence showing that it provides any significant benefit when compared with conventional gum treatment.
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