Is gum disease causing my face to become inflamed and swell?

Dr Dunn,

I have been suffering from what I think is severe gum disease. I have spoken with my dentist about the constant inflammation of the gums and pain to my right side of my face and was given amoxycillin. However I have been sufeering with this for years and the inflammation is getting worse causing slight disfiguration to the right side of my face where i have some missing and have a bridge in its place. Please could you advise on what I could do to remedy this situation once and for all as the pain is getting worse. Many thanks

Hi, sorry to hear that you are having these problems. Firstly, I would consider getting a second opinion. Antibiotics are rarely the answer to a long term problem as you describe. Whilst you may have gum disease, this is rarely painful and it is likely that there are other problems causing the pain and facial swelling that you describe. I would need x-rays to be able to advise further but it does not sound like you have he right diagnosis or treatment.
Dr Ian Dunn

Dr Ian Dunn

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