I’m Finding It Very Hard To Prevent Gum Disease, Can You Tell Me If I Can Get Treated Through The NHS?

I recently visited my dentist for my regular check up, unfortunately each time I visit keep I being told that my gums are receding and also the reduction of bone surrounding the teeth have also receded. This despite my diligence in brushing/flossing my teeth 2/3 times a day. I have also been told that I could also eventually lose my teeth which I am trying very hard to prevent. I would like to have an assessment to see what can be done to prevent further damage. Can you please advise whether I am able to get my gums treated on the NHS or privately. Thank you for your help and advice. 
Hi thank you for getting in touch. You can get treatment for gum disease on the NHS for under £50. Is there any other reason for your gum disease? Such as poor diet or smoking habits? Some people suffer from gum disease as they are genetically pre-disposed to it. It’s very important to keep on top of it, I would suggest you try to do some research and gather information to get to the root of the cause. I hope this helps. Dr Jose Zurdo.
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