Iam suffering from gum disease in my front teeth, are they going to fall out?

Dr Jose ,
My dentist just tald me i am suffering from gum disease as my front teeth is started to wobbly and sensitive recently . So i guessed it has grown into the worse. it is an unexpected for me as i am still 30. i haven’t receive much information until the next appointment which will be in another 30 days. i am so confused, how soon i need to start the treatments, what do i do until my next appointment ? is the front teeth going to fall out soon. I would be grateful if you could help me out .
Thank you
Wobbly teeth usually indicates advanced gum disease but not always. Other factors such as the way your teeth bite together may contribute to the problem. You need an expert opinion based on a detailed clinical and radiographic examination. Of course it is important to address the problem as soon as possible but 30 days should not make a significant difference unless you develop an acute infection (pain, swelling) in which case you should request an emergency appointment. For the time being make sure that your oral hygiene is very good and wait for your next appointment with your dentist to receive further instructions and information. If they do not satisfy you request to be referred to a specialist.
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