I Would Like To Know If Periodontitis Can Be Cured Or Not?

Hello Dr Mitsas. Are there any cures yet for periodontis? I was never told by my dentist that I had a problem until she informed me I had this disease. I was never told about gingivitis or any other problem and have been with the same dentist for 5 years. My teeth have bled whilst cleaning on occasions but not very often. I have only lost one back tooth and I am 65 years of age. I now visit a different dentist every three months or so for a clean, he has never x-rayed my mouth. I hope you can help.

I would advise you to see a hygienist who can x-ray your mouth to see the extent of the periodontal disease. From this you may be prescribed a course of antibiotics along with a scale and polish. Your dentist or hygienist will tell you which mouthwash to use in conjunction with a good oral health routine. All of these things can reverse gum disease over time. I hope this helps you understand how to control the condition. Kind regards, Dr Mitsas.
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