I would like to have my gummy smile treated but am scared of getting treatment. Can you advise?

hi i have a gummy smile.its makes me not confortable to smile and always shy and covering my smile. so i want to get theer treatment but i am so scared in case of any side effect or maybe im not happy with the result i am 23 years old living in liverpool can you tell me if you know any good dentist can do this treatement as i said i am scared and could you help me to make mi mind as well and please could u tell me the prize? and the finance help cause i am in income thank you
There are a number of ways to manage a gummy smile. All options have their pros and cons and can range from limiting the upper lip movement with things like Botox or you can change the gum position using a technique called crown lengthening. This is a surgical procedure, reasonably straight forward for an experienced dentist or Periodontist and results in a permanent change to the gum position. Often this has to be done in conjunction with things like veneers.

This treatment is not available on the NHS as it is deemed cosmetic and prices for crown lengthening would start around £400 but would increase depending on the size of the area being treated.

Many practices offer interest free credit for dental treatment but this is on a practice by practice basis.

I am based in Liverpool and should you want to find me, details can be found through this website or through www.purelyperio.co.uk

Dr Ian Dunn

Dr Ian Dunn

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