I Went For A Standard Scale And Polish The Other Day And My Gums Are Still Bleeding. I Was Wondering If He Did The Right Thing?

Hi, I went for a standard scale and polish the other day and my gums are still bleeding slightly. My dentist was already aware that I had gum disease and I feel he’s exasperated them now. I was wondering if he did the right thing? Giving me a scale and polish? I feel that he shouldnt have done it just because he was aware of my current situation. Is there anyway I can maybe file for a complaint or something? Would I have grounds to do it? Thanks for your help in advance!
A scale and polish is usually what your dentist will do when you have gum disease, but it can sometimes be painful, it’s unlikely that he will have exasperated your condition, it just may take a few days to heal and settle down. Ask him for a local anaesthetic next time, it should make things less painful. A scale and polish will try to clean below the gum-line where the disease is at it’s most dangerous and is required to fight the spread of gum disease further.
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