I regulary visit my dentist, but now have abscesses, a cracked tooth and gum disease, how has this happened?

ive been to the dentist today after suffering 3 days of toothache,i have 2 abscesses 1 tooth has cracked in half and ive been told i have severe gum disease.im socked to learn how bad my teeth and gums really are as i visit the dentist regually every 6 months.i will have to have 4 teeth out due to this aswell so not happy at all.my question is after ive got rid of the abscesses and had my teeth out how can i go about cleaning my teeth better and will i be able to fix the gum disease? thanks 
Gum disease usually takes years to become severe even in the absence of treatment. If you have never been told before that you have gum disease despite regular check ups and now you have lost four teeth for that reason there is a problem of trust about whether the diagnosis and management of your condition is or has been adequate. For that reason I advice you to seek advice from other dentist or better a periodontist(gum specialist) to confirm the current state of your gums and to optimize the chances that the management of your disease is carried out in the most effective way.
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