I lived in Venezuela for 2 years and for most of this I only wet brushed and flossed without toothpaste. Could this have caused any teeth or gum problems?

Hello Dr, I would like your advice please on my gums health. for the last two years I have been living in Venezuela working on various projects, I am now back home in Huddersfield. where we located was not great in terms of access to westernised products (which was amazing on the one hand). but trying to find places that sold toothpastes you could trust (that didnt look like silicone) was hard. as a result for most of this duration I wet brushed and flossed and occasionally got toothpaste. I feel I did the best I could but I was wondering if by not using toothpaste could I have caused any problems to my teeth/gums? I am due to see my dentist in a month or so where I will be checked but in a mean time knowledge is power? Thanks again
Should not have made a big difference so long as your teeth where clean and your diet was reasonable. The biggest risk is decay due to lack of Fluoride.
Dr Ian Dunn

Dr Ian Dunn

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