I Have Two False Teeth And When I Brush My Mouth Sometimes Bleeds Uncontrollably. Have My False Teeth Not Healed After Two Years?

Hi. I have two false teeth due to no teeth being/growing there at all either side of my front teeth which are capped onto the teeth either side one of the false teeth of which is causing concern. It bleeds a lot whilst brushing sometimes it can fill my mouth uncontrollably and other times it’ll be very little blood it always tastes of blood and the gum above is of different colour to my others. I brush regularly and use mouthwash and I’d like to know what could this be? I’ve always worried that when I had them my gum was cut and burnt away to allow room for the false tooth that it was damaged and never really healed as I’ve had them for two years now?
Hello. Based on everything you’ve stated, I would suggest that you go for a check up and explain what happens to your dentist. This could be caused by aggressive brushing so I’d recommend using a softer brush until you see your dentist. If you are still worried you could always go for a second opinion. I hope this helps. 
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