I have gum disease and my front tooth is loose, is there anything I can do?

i have got gum disease, my front tooth is lose my dentist said she cant do anything to save my tooth as my bone is to small , im getting married next september and wonder if there anything i can do to save my teeth
In my view there are three issues that are important to clarify in your case. Firstly it is vital to confirm that your lose tooth is really beyond a realistic treatment as your dentist told you. You could discuss openly with her whether a referral to a specialist is a reasonable option to investigate any possible chances of successful treatment aiming to stabilize the tooth or she is confident that it is definitely hopeless. Secondly you need a comprehensive assessment of your gums to diagnose whether other teeth are also affected or not. Thirdly, should the tooth be removed and the rest of your teeth/gums are or become healthy after treatment there are different options available (denture/bridge/implant) to replace both temporarily and permanently the tooth so that you can not only become healthy but also keep satisfactory appearance and function. Again you should discuss all the alternatives with your dentist in advance so that you are sure that you feel happy with the treatment plan.
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