I Have Got My Gingivitis Under Control But My Tooth Is Becoming Loose. Can You Help Me?

Hi Dr Mitsas. I hope you can help me. I had this gingivitis and I am going to my dentist very regularly. Every three months or so. There is no bleeding any more. I have one tooth which is looser than before. And now I am getting another one coming loose. My gums are not very healthy. I told my dentist and they said they are better than before. I have diabetes as well. I am only 55 years old. Is there anything else you could help me with? My diabetes is under control. I don’t take any junk food and I clean my teeth regularly and I don’t smoke. Thank you for your time.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It sounds like you are keeping to a strict oral health routine so without seeing you in person it’s difficult to say if there’s more that could be done. Diabetes is a factor, when it comes to gum disease unfortunately. A specialist in gum disease like myself may be able to help you. I hope this helps for the time being. Best wishes, Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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