I have found a rash on my gums, i need a brace but is there anything to stop this?

Hi. Im 15 years old and have found that I have what looks to be like a rash on my gums. I need braces and my teeth are all over the place this rash apeared between 2 of them. Im just wondering if there is anything I can do to stop this. I brush my teeth 2 Times a day for 3 minutes so it is not that I am not minding my teeth any help that u can provide at all would be helpful I have only noticed this yesterday and I dont think it is very serious as it is not sore and is not swollen
Hi, It is likely that this “rash”, and by that I understand that there’s redness in the papilla between 2 teeth, is caused by lack of interdental cleaning, especially if they are not well aligned. Another possibility would be trauma to the papilla by food impaction or even by a more aggressive use of floss??
Try first to do a careful interdental cleaning with floss and maybe even use an antibacterial mouthwash (ex. Corsodyl). If it does not subside after 3-5 days of this careful regimen, you should have it checked by your GDP.
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