I Have Been Told I Have The Initial Stages Of Gum Disease And I’m Wondering What I Can Do For It?

Hello. I have been told I have the initial stages of gum disease and was wondering what I can do for it? I have bought special toothpaste, and gargle with Listerene. I was wondering how long it’s going to last? I do not have bad breath with it, and I think I am currently doing everything possible to help it get better. My dad was 18 when he had it and lost all his teeth, so he had to wear dentures. What’s the cause of gum disease? And are there any complications that come with it? Thank you.
The causes of gum disease stem from the bacteria caused by certain foods which form in the hard to reach areas. This is why brushing alone is not sufficient and has to include a flossing routine to remove bacteria from the places between the teeth and below the gum-line. Some people have a hereditary condition with makes them more susceptible to gum disease. If you book a consultation with a hygienist you can find out more. I hope this helps. Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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