I Have Been To My Dentist For A Year To Try And Get My Gum Disease Under Control, But Things Are Getting Worse. Should I Turn To Surgery?

Hi. I’m 25 years old
I have been going to my dentist now for over a year for deep cleans etc to treat my gum disease. My gums are receding and my bone is weakening I have one wobbly tooth at the front on the bottom row and my top front two teeth have considerably moved and I am desperate for a brace, yet I am not allowed any orthodontist works till my gum disease has cleared. I feel I am not improving and when my dentist does the measurements I was told some are worsening others improving. I have never missed a day brushing my teeth twice or more and I just can’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Is there any surgery I can have to get my teeth looking better as I hate my smile?
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It’s difficult to see without seeing you in person. Perhaps you should seek a second opinion? Maybe from a specialist. I would continue to see if things can improve before you begin extracting. Is there any dietary/medical conditions which may be causing this? Flossing is also an important part of fighting gum disease, do you do this also? Kind regards, Dr Mitsas.
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