I Have Bad Gum Recession And May Need Root Canal Treatment. What Would It Cost To Fix?

Hello Dr Zurdo, can you help me? I’m 24 and have bad gum recession around a number of teeth from gum disease. Mainly on 4 teeth at bottom and 3 on top. I went to my NHS dentist she wasn’t very friendly or helpful and told me to use Corsodyl toothpaste and mouthwash and go back in 6 months. She also mentioned I may need root canal treatment as more than 50% of my tooth is uncovered. Can anything be done or am I going to loose my teeth. Could you tell me what would it cost to fix?
Hello thank you for getting in touch. If you keep a good oral health regime you should be able to prevent any further recession of the gum line. I would suggest seeking out an expert periodontist and an endodontist if you need root canal treatment and for further information you should start researching the various prices and treatments available. I hope this answer helps you understand your options in the future. Best of luck, Dr Jose Zurdo.
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