I Have A Small Crack On My Tooth. Is There Any Chance This Could Be Down To Gum Recession?

Hi Dimitrios. I have a horizontal line (possibly a crack) on my lower left incisor, just above the gum line. It has recently been very sensitive to cold drinks. Could this be linked to gum recession? Or due to a cracked tooth? The crack is at the front of the tooth, not the back as far as I an tell. The ridge or crack is barely visible, but I can feel it if I run my nail over it. I have a dentist appointment next week, but I am worried about leaving it so long.


Hi. The horizontal crack on the lower incisor possibly is not linked to the gum recession, but it can be associated with an incomplete or complete crown/root fracture. Is there a history of trauma in this area?
If there is a filling in the tooth, a small fracture of the edge of the filling or the tooth could cause the discomfort.
Another reason of the tooth sensitivity could be the recession of the gum, as the exposed root dentin could be the reason of the sensitivity to thermal stimuli.
A thorough examination possibly under magnification and a radiograph could safely lead to diagnosis.
I hope I helped you with my answer and I wish you luck in fixing this matter. Dimitrios Mitsas.
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