I Brush, Floss And Use Mouthwash. Yet My Gums Still Bleed. Can You Please Offer Me Some Advice?

Hi Dr. I always take very good care of my teeth and gums. I brush twice a day, I use mouthwash and I floss AND I use an inter-dental brush too! Yet, my gums have started to bleed. My last check up was a month back and the dentist said everything was fine. I don’t understand what the problem could be, I don’t drink or smoke. Do you think this could be a symptom of a medical condition? I’m very worried and I’m due to see my dentist next week but I can’t stop thinking about what it could be. I’ve conducted research on the internet and it’s talking about mouth cancer! Please can you offer me some advice? Thank you!
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. See what your dentist says and I’m sure they can provide you with a screening to allay your fears. In most cases it could be just something simple like brushing too hard. Without seeing you in person I can’t really you if there’s anything to be concerned about. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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