I Am Looking For A Practice Which Offers BOST Treatment. Do You Know Of Any?

Hi. Do you know of any practice that does BOST treatment? I have sore gums and have had different diagnosis from 4 different professionals including 2 dentists, 1 mouth specialist and 1 periodontics practice. I have been recommended for planning by the local periodontic specialist but want to investigate alternatives. The sore gums started about 9 months ago. Some days are worse than others but it is not preventing me from eating etc. I have tried mouthwash provided by my dentist, had antibiotics, 2 scales and polishes and gingigel. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately BOST treatment hasn’t had enough long term research attached to it for me to recommend it. Having not seen you in person I would suggest that you take the advice of your specialist periodontist to take care of you. A quick internet search should provide you with further information on BOST treatment. I hope this helps. Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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