Can You Give Me Advice On How To Avoid Gum Disease, So I Don’t Have To Worry About It?

Hi Dr Mitsas. I’m really worried. Do sore, irritating, painful, sensitive, and bleeding while brushing often indicate that you may have gum disease, or could it be gingivitis? I’ve been wanting to know the symptoms for a long time. Will you hopefully give me advice on how to avoid this disease, so I don’t have to worry about anything? Please help me so my paranoia of this disease can be reduced. Thank you for taking the time to offer me advice.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. These symptoms are all strong sign of gum disease. And Gingivitis is merely a stage of gum disease/periodontal disease. I would advise you to visit a periodontist if you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms as they are unlikely to go away without specialist help. If you are worried about about what they’ll say, try and find a gentle dentist in your area who can help you will this. I hope this help and you find the strength to seek advice. Best wishes, Dr Dimitrios Mitsas.
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